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small business forms templates
2 GB USB drive with Corp and LLC editable forms in both Word and PDF formats. Additional capacity to store thousands of documents and images.
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Small Business Forms USB and Doc Vault Storage

The business forms on this USB are available directly from the USB and are yours to access, modify and print at your convenience. The small business forms and templates are well organized and easy to use and will save you time and money.

These small business forms are here to help you run your own small business. You will be able to download the forms at your convenience, modify and print professional and attractive forms without having to worry about downloading software.

Keep in mind that the no small business forms can ever be used to replace the advice of a lawyer. Each state has different circumstances and laws that apply to different types of businesses. We highly recommend that you have an attorney or business expert review any legal documents or business legal forms to ensure accuracy.

Our Fastkit Forms USB contains a collection of forms for corporations, limited liability Companies and General Business forms both in word and in pdf format.

Frequently Asked Questions Corporation Forms

1. Minutes of the Special Meeting of Directors
2. Waiver of Notice of Special Meeting
3. Consent to Elect Sub-S Status
4. Acceptance of Appointment of Director
5. Resolutions Adopted by Incorporators
6. Officer Director Resignation
7. Waiver of Notice of First Meeting
8. Minutes of First Meeting
9. Section 1244
10. Medical & Dental Reimbursement Plan
11. Waiver of Notice
12. Minutes of the First Meeting of Shareholders
13. Waiver of Notice
14. Bylaws
15. Waiver of Notice
16. Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders
17. Waiver of Notice of Annual Meeting
18. Minutes of Annual Meeting
19. Waiver of Notice of Special Meeting
20. Minutes of Special Meeting
21. Minutes of Special Meeting of Shareholders
22. Proxy

Limited Liability Companies Commentary
Limited Liability Company Forms
1. Amendment to the Article of Organization
2. Approval of Loan to Company
3. Approval of Transaction Benefiting Members
4. Capital Contribution of Members
5. Company Information Sheet
6. Consent to Action
7. Meeting List
8. Membership Voting Proxy
9. Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Members
10. Minutes of the Organizational Meeting
11. Notice of Meeting
12. Operating Agreement General Form
13. Operating Agreement Manager-Managed
14. Operating Agreement Member-Managed
15. Operating Agreement Single Member-Managed
16. Waiver of Notice of Annual Meeting
17. Written Consent to Action without Meeting

General Business Forms
1. Affidavit
2. Agreement to Sell Personal Property
3. Authorization to Release Credit Information
4. Bad Check Notice Form
5. Bill of Sale
6. Confidentiality Agreement
7. Consent for Alcohol or Drug Test
8. Consumer Loan Agreement
9. Contractor Agreement
10. Demand for Payment
11. Employee Disciplinary Notice
12. Employee Non-Disclosure
13. Employee Not-Compete
14. Employee Notice of Dismissal
15. Employee Agreement
16. Final Notice Before Legal Action
17. General Agreement
18. Joint Venture Agreement
19. Quit Claim Deed
20. Request for Reference
21. Sales Representative Agreement