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Hands-down, the best choice for durability is film lamination.  Many clients use them on material that will be handled a lot like posters, maps, membership cards, calendars, food labels, menus, signs, price tags, point-of-sale materials, and many others. More creative types have found new and unique ways to combine lamination finishes to enhance the tactile feel and reflectiveness of certain pages in a piece. When used in combination with uncoated papers, the results can be much more dramatic than clear foils or UV varnishes. We offer lamination on sheets from 5 x 8 to 28 x 40 and use lamination from 1.7 mil to 10 mil including encapsulated. Film lamination is waterproof, tear proof and tamper-proof. Click Here for Specifications & Tips

Although film laminating is an after-thought during production, it's a versatile finishing technique that can add both durability and image enhancement to a variety of packaging and display applications.

Fastkit understands the constraints on time and budgets faced by printers and packaging producers in today's market. That's why we're equipped to provide fast turnarounds of single- and double-sided film laminating on a wide range of substrates.  Choose from several types of thermal laminating films, including:

  • Polypropylene, Nylon and Polyester Films
  • High-Gloss, Matte, Linen, and Satin Finishes
  • Specialty Films, including Metallics and Glueable/Stampable
  • Sheet sizes up to 28" x 40"

With an arsenal of versatile, modern equipment, Fastkit is your film laminating partner for applications such as:

  • Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Consumer Product Packaging
  • Folded Cartons and Boxes
  • Posters and Signs
  • Menus
  • Covers for Mechanically-Bound Books
  • Direct Mail Pieces