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                                  SPOT UV AND OVERALL UV

Fastkit Offers a wide range of specialty UV coatings, in today’s digital society, the amount of time available to capture a reader’s attention is becoming shorter and shorter. The use of specialty UV coatings for off-line print finishing is nothing new. However, there are some interesting new coatings and techniques that not only create stunning sensory effects, but also lend themselves well to use by most commercial printers.

We can add a great impact to any piece printed on a coated paper or even on top of film lamination. Our Sakurai Spot and overall UV coater handles up to 28" x 40" sheets. We pride take pride on quality control and in the spot UV world that means tight registration and even coverage.
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Gloss/Matte Contrast

Most are familiar with gloss UV coatings that provide a high level of sheen or gloss, as well as matte coatings which give a dull effect. Both types can be applied in a spot application or overall pattern. These coatings can deliver high clarity, outstanding flexibility, and rub resistance that rivals or exceeds film lamination. However, the combination of these two technologies on the same printed piece can maximize the visual contrast between the gloss areas and matte areas. The result is that the glossy areas jump out at the viewer.

Raised or Embossed

This type of finish is created with a special high-viscosity UV coating that is applied in a heavy pattern to exhibit a unique dimensional profile that is comparable to mechanical embossing. Capable of being applied to a thickness in excess of 5 mils, these coatings provide excellent gloss, clarity, and protection of any piece. The result is a dramatic appearance that can bring to life snow on a mountainside, raindrops on a window, the leather of a jacket, or a myriad of other effects.


This type of finish creates a wrinkle-like or orange peel appearance.  With these coatings, printers can spot-apply or coat entire areas to provide dimensional finishes that can range from the look of leather to frosted glass.


Glitter is typically comprised of finely cut squares of metalized film. It can be used in combination with raised/embossed or specially engineered UV gloss coatings. The embossed/glitter combination allows designers to create unique specialized effects with different colors, shapes, and dimensions. In addition, emboss/glitter combinations can be applied to a thickness in excess of 5 mils and provide excellent gloss and clarity to any printed piece. Glitter coatings are supplied in various colors and cut sizes.


These coatings also are used in combination with emboss or specially engineered UV gloss coatings. By combining a very small discrete particle of a shimmering pearlized compound with a gloss coating, designers can create their own unique personalized effects using different colors, shapes, and dimensions. The effect is a rich, pearly finish.

Metallic or Foil Effect

Metallic inks have been in use for several years, but they do not come close to providing the highly reflective appearance and brilliance offered by metalized papers, foil laminations, and cold or hot foil stamping. However, recent innovations in coatings technology have resulted in break-through improvements in the brilliance that can be achieved with UV-curable metallic coatings. The higher application amounts typically applied with metallic coatings (v. metallic inks) can achieve effects that are equally brilliant to foil laminations. In addition, these coatings can be applied to precise areas, reducing waste and saving time and energy through process efficiencies. Moreover, these metallic coatings are easily removed in the repulping process.

At Fastkit we can perform UV coatings in a wide range of standard and custom-mixed finishes to fit the requirements of your application. Combined with our hard cover and soft cover adhesive and mechanical binding services, foil stamping, embossing, die cutting and more, Fastkit is well-equipped to handle even the most complex demands. Give us a call to let us know how we can help you take advantage of UV coating on your next project.